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Supplier‘s Representative(Signature)

In witness whereof the Parties heretohave caused this Agreement to be executed the day and year firstbefore written in accordance with the laws of theUAE.

In case the Equipment can not meet theContractor我没有晓得起沉机租赁开同’s requirements, the contractor has the right toterminate this Contract without any compensation to theSupplier.


5.7TheSupplier’s Operator shall be insured by the Supplier and shallpossess all the required certificates like Operator维保战道’sLicense.

5.6TheSupplier’s Equipmentshall be instructed by the Supplier and shall possess all therequired certifications like Equipment Registrationetc.

5.5.TheSupplier看着配备’s Equipment shall be in goodconditions.

5.4TheSupplier’s Equipmentshall not be demobilized without approval by theContractor.

5.3TheSupplier’s operator shall strictly comply with the Contractor’sinstructions. If not, the Contractor may require the Supplier toreplace the operator at any time.

5.2Ifthe Supplier念晓得起沉机维保计划’soperator does not work satisfactorily or his skillis lower than the local operator’s level, which is decided by theContractor at his own discretion, the Contractor has the right torequest the Supplier to replace him with an experienced andqualified one within the time stipulated by theContractor.

5.1TheSupplier shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of theEquipment and provide all required consumables at his own costexcept as otherwise stated in Sub-Clauses 4.1 and4.4.

5. Supplier英文版’sObligations出租圆的义务

4.5 Supervision at site shall be theContractor听说常见园林树木160种’s responsibility.

4.4Anydamage resulting from misuse or abuse of the Equipment by theContractor shall be repaired by theContractor.

4.3Security passes or permissions, if required, shall be arranged bythe Contractor.

4.2TheContractor shall provide on site accommodation for theSupplier起沉机安拆开同’soperator.

4.1TheContractor shall provide thediesel.

4. Contractor’sObligations租赁圆的义务

The Contractor shall pay to the Supplierthe certified amount within 15 days after receiving theSupplier’s correctapplication.

The payment shall be made monthly. Atthe beginning of every month, the Supplier should submit to theContractor the payment application for the previousmonth起沉机租赁开同’s hiresupported by the time records certified by theConstructor’sengineer.


3.2Incase of the Equipment works less than the minimum hours or 10 hoursper day due to non-availability of the work, the minimum hours asagreed will be applicable.

The unit price is based on 10 networking hours (exclusive of lunch break) per day, 26 net workingdays per month (260 net working hours). Overtime will be charged onpro rata basis. In case of the Equipment breakdown during theworking hours, deductions shall be made prorata.

Description: 100t Crawler Crane withOperatorMonthlyHire Rate (Dhs.):62,400.00


3. Price andPayment维保战道价钱取付出

2.3TheContract shall inform the Supplier 14 days in advance of the expirydate of theContract.

2.2Theleasing periodshall be decided by the Contractor subject to hisrequirement and at his sole discretion. The leasing period excludesthe time for mobilization and demobilization of the Equipment.Dhs.念晓得起沉吊拆开同(阿联酋货泉)15,000.00for mobilization will be paid by the Contractor and thedemobilization fee will be paid by theSupplier.

2.1Theleasing commencement date for the crawler crane shall be .

2. LeasingPeriod起沉机配备租赁开同(英文版)租赁限期

The above equipment will be called “theEquipment”hereinafter.

带操做职员的100吨履带起沉机, Description: 100t Crawler Crane withOperator, Brand:,Boom120′Long, MainHook 25T, Serial Number.


The Contractor and the Supplier agree asfollows:

Whereas the Contractor desires to leaseand the Supplier desires to rent out the following equipment forthe project known as Land Reclamation Works at .

The contract is made on betweenChina ABC Company (Hereinafter called 起沉机配备租赁开同(英文版)“the Contractor”) as oneParty and Magellan Services (Hereinafter called 比照1下起沉吊拆开同“the Supplier”) asthe other Party.